Claire Petch

Claire individual photo September 15

Claire has worked for Quest since 1996 and during this time Claire has gained experience of running both the temporary and permanents desks herself. Claire thrives on building relationships with both clients and candidates alike and will do her very best to ensure that Quest delivers a service that is professional and cost effective.
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Who: Claire Petch.

Job role: Manager of Quest Recruitment – I have been with the company since 1997 in a variety of roles and have been manager for over eight years. I’m also the newly appointed HR Manager for LAGAT, our parent company.

Home life:  I live in North Hykeham with my family.

Special skills:  Cooking and soft furnishings – although my kids say I am an expert at cleaning! I am also double jointed (I can bend all the tips of my fingers!)

Food heaven:  Fillet steak.

Food hell: Liver, black pudding and grapefruit! The girls at Quest will also tell you that I hate people dunking biscuits in tea!

Furry friends:  A cat and a dog.

Favourite quote:  Do whatever makes you happy.

Describe a typical week day: Up at 6.30 to sort the kids and pets, pack kids off for school then walk the dog. Typically arrive in the office around 9 when the fun of meetings, business updates with the team and all other duties associated with managing a business commence! Mondays always start with a hot chocolate or proper coffee to see us through our Monday catch up!

What did you want to be when you grew up: A teacher. Primary only, not stroppy teenagers!

How do you think people describe you: Depends who it is! I would say confident, talkative, impatient , kind, funny, sociable, bossy, clumsy, demanding, indecisive and straight to the point!

Who inspires you: Successful women in general including my mum!

What advice would you give your younger self: Trust your instincts, don’t worry what other people think of you and enjoy every day like it’s your last!

What Little Miss character best describes you: Little Miss Chatterbox or Little Miss Prim (told you I was indecisive!)

Describe a perfect Saturday night: Good food, good wine and good company

Shh, it’s a secret: Well, I was brought up in Doha where I lived until I was 11. I can also speak Arabic.