Kathryn Chapman

Kathryn individual photo September 2015

Maternity Leave Until Aug 2020

In 2007 Kathryn joined Quest as a receptionist whilst working towards her NVQ. Since then she has developed her skills considerably and is now a successful Consultant. Kathryn has an extremely patient yet determined attitude when it comes to her position and she is utilising all her best qualities in her role.
Email me: kchapman@questrecruitment.co.uk

Who: Kathryn Chapman

Job role: Senior Consultant – I have been with the company since 2007!

I currently manage the permanents desk and have had various roles over my time at Quest

Home life:  I live in North Hykeham with my Husband

Special skills: Entertaining the team with my “blonde” one liners

Food heaven:  Lobster Thermidor

Food hell: Smoked Salmon!!!

Furry friends: None, I can’t cope with the mess

Favourite quote:  It wasn’t meant to be

Describe a typical week day: Up at 7.00am and sat at my desk by 8.30am with a cup of coffee to get my day started! Usually set the world to rights with the girls in the office before a very busy day assisting my clients and candidates. I tend to leave the office at 5.00pm (but often take work home) and head home to enjoy a nice meal and catch up with my Husband

What did you want to be when you grew up: A bobby

How do you think people describe you: Cheeky, caring, generous, clean, terrible speller and inappropriate at times (my colleagues can always rely on me to lower the tone)

Who inspires you: My parents

What advice would you give your younger self: You only live once so worry less and do what makes YOU happy

What Little Miss character best describes you: Little Miss naughty

Describe a perfect Saturday night: A good bottle of wine and great food with friends and family

Shh, it’s a secret: My spelling and grammar is actually rather below standard, thank god for spell check!