Katy Humphreys

Katy individual photo September 15

Katy Humphreys is our Payroll and Accounts Manager and has been working for Quest since 2006. Katy comes from a recruitment background so her wealth of previous experience lends itself extremely well to her role with Quest. Katy controls all of Quest’s accounts and payroll as well as providing valuable admin support.
Email me: khumphreys@questrecruitment.co.uk

Who: Katy Humphreys

Job role: Payroll Manager – I celebrated my 10 years with Quest in February 2016!

Home life:  I live in Sleaford with my daughter and fiancé.

Special skills:  I am very organised and methodical.

Food heaven:  Seafood especially with pasta.

Food hell: Any kind of Offal

Furry friends:  None at the moment.

Favourite quote:  Never judge a book by its cover.

Describe a typical week day:  Early start coffee always comes first then making packed lunches and sending my daughter off to school, Journey into Lincoln on the A17 then arrive at the office. In between conversations with the girls accompanied with laughter at some point I spend most of my day with my head in figures and paperwork.

What did you want to be when you grew up: Singer or dancer.

How do you think people describe you: Level headed, kind, compassionate and easy going. Also very handy to have around at dinner when you are trying to work out splitting the bill !

Who inspires you:  Of course my mother, but I really do admire people who dedicate their time and effort to worthy causes and charities.

What advice would you give your younger self: Always believe in your gut instinct.

What Little Miss character best describes you: Little Miss Neat

Describe a perfect Saturday night: Movie night with my daughter or a nice country pub with good food and wine.

Shh, it’s a secret: I am a keen singer and attended the BRIT performing arts school.