Nichaela Jeffrey

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Who: Nichaela Jeffrey

Job role: Temps Consultant

Home life: Lives in Lincoln with two not so little girls (they grow up so quickly)

Special skills: I love to cook and bake – I make some pretty delicious Oreo cupcakes. Well, so the family say!

Food heaven: Pizza but I also love anything green

Food hell: I don’t think I have anything specific, just certain things where there is a grim story about where it comes from will put me off!

Furry friends: Does a stuffed bear count!

Favourite quote: Dream as if you’ll live forever and live as if you will die tomorrow

Describe a typical week day: Up first thing to get my girls up with plenty of time for them to get ready for school, off to work to hopefully make a positive impact on at least one person’s day. Home for a quick workout on most days and enjoy a meal, family time and a catch up.

What did you want to be when you grew up: Police woman

How do you think people describe you: I think most people would say I am fun to be around and am positive, outgoing, organised and a bit of a clean freak!

Who inspires you: Anthony Joshua

What advice you would give your younger self: Accept it and be happy

What Little Miss character best describes you: Little Miss Neat

Describe a perfect Saturday night: Prosecco, good food and my family and friends

Shh, it’s a secret: I am a massive Disney fan, if you have not seen Moana, you need to watch it!