Sadie Canner

Sadie new staff photo April 18

Sadie is our newest recruit to Quest and has come from the service and sales sector. With exceptional customer service at the heart of everything Sadie does, we know our candidates and clients will benefit hugely from Sadie’s experience! So, if you’re interested in temping or require a temp, Sadie’s your girl!
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Who: Sadie Canner

Job role: Temporaries Consultant at Quest Recruitment

Home life:  I live on Glebe Park in Lincoln with my partner Jason

Special skills: My Laugh- as soon as you hear it I can guarantee it will make you laugh yourself

Food heaven: I love my Italian foods- Pizzas and pasta dishes especially but do love a good steak

Food hell: Muscles or Squid!

Furry friends: I have one cat called Oscar who’s my world (Crazy cat lady)

Favourite quote: Oh Blimey!

Describe a typical week day: I get up around 6:45am get myself ready and head into work for 8:10am. First thing I do is make a cuppa then get set up for the day ahead by planning my tasks/agenda. I then finish work and head home around 6pm to either get to the gym for an hour twice a week or on my other days just relax and cook dinner with my partner and catch up from the day we have both had

What did you want to be when you grew upA Professional Dancer

How do you think people describe you: A soft gentle caring person who is full of personality and laughter, always willing to help people and go that extra mile on everything i do

Who inspires you: My mum

What advice would you give your younger self: To believe in yourself and do what makes you feel happy as you only get one chance

What Little Miss character best describes you: Little Miss Giggles

Describe a perfect Saturday night: Spending it with loved ones (Family and friends) with great food and a bottle of Prosecco!