Stephanie Harland

Stephanie individual photo September 2015

Stephanie joined us from our parent company LAGAT where she has been their receptionist since August 2013. She is extremely customer focused and is very keen to develop and compliment her existing skills. She is passionate about offering a high quality of service and we are confident she will be a dedicated member of the team.
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Who: Stephanie Harland

Job role: Temporaries Consultant at Quest Recruitment. I have been with the company since April 2014, joining the team from LAGAT Reception half way through my Level 2 NVQ in Business & Administration.

Home life:  I live just outside the centre of Lincoln in a lovely little flat!

Special skills:  Fountain of pointless information, did you know that the average person walks the equivalent of twice around the world in a lifetime.

Food heaven:  All pudding

Food hell: Olives, despite Claire not believing me and making me eat one anyway!

Furry friends:  Does a fish count? ..

Favourite quote:  Everything happens for a reason

Describe a typical week day: Up and at my desk for 8:30am with a cup of tea in hand, ready to deal with anything and everything that comes through the door and over the phone. I do like a challenge! Quick change in the evening to get to the gym and then chill time before it all starts again the next day!

What did you want to be when you grew up: A teacher but quickly changed my mind when I saw the amount of marking!

How do you think people describe you: Confident, friendly, a good listener and organised.

Who inspires you: My mum, but don’t tell her that or I’ll never live it down!

What advice would you give your younger self: Don’t be afraid to go against the current, do what is best for you.

What Little Miss character best describes you: Little Miss Princess ‘Little Miss Princess isn’t rude and spoiled. She is a kind and generous, good hearted princess’ (this is actually one)

Describe a perfect Saturday night: PJ’s, popcorn, chocs and a good film on the sofa!

Shh, it’s a secret: I can be a bit OCD, everything has a place and should be in that place unless in use!