Client FAQ

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Why should I use an agency?

If time, value for money and finding the right person for your organisation are important to you, then that’s why you should use an agency. Due to our thorough client commitment you can rest assured that investing in a candidate from Quest will give you peace of mind, save you money and that all important commodity, time.

Why should I use Quest Recruitment?

As an independent agency we can offer you an affordable, tailored recruitment solution for both temporary and permanent staff. With the added benefit of local, experienced and long serving members of staff we are aware of the local economy and business needs including employment trends and pricing structures. With the added benefit of being an accredited member of the REC this also means we have the additional support of our industry’s governing body and you have the peace of mind that we follow strict industry standards and procedures.

How much will a temporary cost?

Our service is free of charge until our candidate has commenced an assignment for you. After that you will be charged on an hourly basis and will be invoiced weekly. Our charge is inclusive of Employers NI, holiday and sick pay.

How do I know you will send me the right temporary for the job?

It is in our interest to get it right first time and that is why we have very strict candidate testing, referencing and interview procedures which are carried out before any introduction. Assuming we have been given the sufficient information regarding the duties required there should be no reason that we would provide someone who is deemed unsuitable.

What happens if the temporary doesn’t work out?

We operate very strict procedures so this should never happen, however, provided we have been informed as soon as a problem is identified we will do all we can to resolve any difficulties and if necessary we will arrange a replacement.

How much will a permanent Candidate cost?

Until our candidate has commenced their employment with you there is no charge for our service. Once they have commenced employment we will then invoice you a one off fee based on a percentage of the candidate’s annual salary.

How long will the permanent process take?

For most permanent vacancies we can send you suitable CV’s within a few hours and will continue to send CV’s until you feel you have had a sufficient amount. (a maximum of 6 is usual practice) If we choose to advertise the vacancy then this process may take longer but we do this to get you the best cross section of active candidates. We will then arrange all interviews, feedback, offers and rejections.

Will I be charged for the search & selection and referencing process?

No, this is part of our standard business procedure.

What happens if the permanent candidate doesn’t work out?

In the unlikely event that that this should happen, we do offer a free of charge replacement within a 4 week period from the date of termination. Once that period has passed we do offer a 16 week rebate on a sliding scale.

What industry sectors do you cover?

We are fortunate enough to have access to major CV websites/job boards and with that in mind we can source the very best candidates across a huge range of job sectors. These include engineering, manufacturing, administration, finance, IT, sales, education (non teaching) and executive to name but a few.

What geographical areas do you operate in?

We operate from a central Lincoln city location but are proud to be able to offer our service both locally and on a national level.